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Testicle Massage with Japanese Escort in Kobe.

Kobe - Beautiful ship port city like million dollers in the bay side in Port island city in Sannomiya.

Also known as Kobe Beef, anyway.

Have you been there? We recommend to get there til you leave.

Before you go, you should have Eerotic Testicle Massage with Japanese girl in Kobe.

Who do that?

She does that.

   Miyabi Age 21     T160 B84(C) W57 H83

Look this girl, do you think you like to play with her in your private address and hotel room.

Only you & her at same room, spend time with her, then say "I got a memorable girl in Kobe, Japan."



Booking takes 5 min in English


Feel free to contact us in English,

Thank you


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